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Introducing the Worlds most Affordable Dual Payload, Thermal / Daylight Pan Tilt Zoom camera from Iris Innovations!

Nightrunner represents a revolution in marine thermal imaging, designed specifically for cruising, sports fishing and sailing applications.

Featuring a highly sensitive Vanadium Oxide Thermal Core with 17µm Pitch and a thermal sensitivity of less than 50mK, NightRunner features a high quality US made QVGA (320x240) thermal engine and a 700TVL Sony Effio-P low light colour camera module.

The cameras are built into a new, compact 116 series housing with dual payload dome and NEW integrated fixing base for easy installation and reinforced mounting. The fully controllable housing allows for 360˚ continuous rotation, 180 tilt, standby position and is fully tested for shock, vibration, sand and dust ingress.

If this weren't enough, we've also developed an all new Easy Cable solution which takes all the pain and expense out of installation. Where other cameras require seperate power, video and data cables, costing significant amounts of money and casuing nightmares for installers, NightRunner simply requires a single, inexpensive CAT5 cable. Simply plug and go! At the other end of the cable, a simple breakout adapter is supplied to introduce the cameras power and data feeds, and to deliver the video signal to your monitor or chartplotter. A 2 meter video patch cable is supplied along with a 60 foot, waterproof CAT5 cable. Specially designed extension cables packs are also available for extending cables runs in a 'plug and play' configuration for added simplicity.

Other than the obvious time and cost savings, Easy Cable means that upgrading to our new IP encoder (due March 14) will mean nothing more than pluggin in the new adapter. No need to remove the camera or cable. Keep an eye on for news on this exciting upgrade.

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    • 320x240 Thermal Camera
    • 17µm Sensor Pitch
    • Hi-Resolution 700TVL Daylight Camera
    • Digital Zoom
    • Single, Switchable, Video Output
    • Integrated Fixing Plate
    • Measures Only 16cm High by 15cm Diameter
    • Single CAT5 Cable connection for easy, more cost effective installs

Detection / Recognition Details for Thermal Module:

Athermalized Focus: 19mm f1.1 16˚x12˚

Human Object: Detect @ 1000m / Recognise @ 200m

Vehicle Object: Detect @ 2380m / Recognise @ 500m


Cable extension packs are availble consisting of a special CAT5 cable with additional power cores, an additional pair of baluns and the necessary connectors and adapters. Part Number is: 295-EXT-XX, where XX is the desired cable length in multiples of 5ft (ie, a 15 foot extension cable kit has the following part number: 295-EXT-15). 


For full technical Specifications download the NightRunner brochure from the Download tab. 

Additional technical information and installation information can be found by checking out our Knowledge Base. Stay tuned for updates...

Standard Datasheet - Click here to Download

Additional Datasheets

NightRunner User Guide v2 05 - Click here to Download

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