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First Response

The rugged design of Iris’s Marine Camera Products and Systems lend themselves perfectly to other market sectors, especially those that demand high quality, tough products due to operation in extreme environments and conditions, such as the First Responder industry.

Iris have considerable experience supplying cameras, recorders, switchers and transmission to the Fire Rescue, Emergency Services, Coastguard, Police and Military industry.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Iris’s offer a comprehensive range of thermal imaging cameras, from fixed, handheld to fully functional dual payload PTZ devices. Thermal cameras provide a powerful tool to first responders in man overboard recovery situations as are also used to evaluate heat related danger such as on board fires.

Iris 090 Stainless Steel Fixed Camera

Our IRIS09o housing is milled from a solid block of 316 stainless steel, and features a wide angled high resolution fixed camera module. The ideal choise for deck monitoring in extremely tough environments.

Iris 085 Stainless Steel Vari-Focal Dome

Fitting into the palm of your hand, the IRIS085 fixed dome camera has multiple uses in a first-response application. With a high resolution day/night camera module, it’s user definable vari-focal lens lend to the cameras versatility.

Iris 116-36 Hi-Zoom PTZ Camera

With an ultra-powerful 36x Optical + 12x Digital Zoom, the fully controllable 116-36 camera features a high resolution Sony zoom camera module with lightning fast auto-focus, hi-speed pan/tilt operation and comprehensive digital image processing to produce crystal clear images.

Digital Video Recording / Web Encoders

Iris’s range of digital video recorders (DVR’s) provide a choice of recording options depending on the size of your system. In a 1 DIN chasis, the recorders are small and compact, and the units hard disk drives are mounted on anti-vibration fixings to counter-act the roughest conditions. All our DVR’s feature built in web-encoder functionality providing a simple gateway for remote web access.