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New Video Switchers…

Introducing the new IRIS608 Eight Channel Switcher and IRIS642 Dual Quad Switcher… with additional model due shortly…

Following lasts months release of the new IRIS608 eight channel video switcher, Iris introduce the new IRIS642 Dual Quad Switcher.
The IRIS608 is a new eight input device with a double output and features two keypad ports to simplify installation.
The new IRIS642 features two built in quad units with an output for each quad. Each quad has a keypad port and the supplied keypad can switch between the quad view or full screen views from either quad.
Iris plan to release one more switcher in the coming months which will feature additional split screen functionality – stay tuned! For more information contact Iris on +954 533 9381 or email

About Iris Innovations Limited

The global forerunner in marine camera systems, Iris Innovations Limited have designed, manufactured, marketed and sold marine cameras, marinized video switching and recording solutions and in recent years specialist marine thermal imaging cameras, most notably the PTZ-16 now recognized as one of the leading marine thermal imaging cameras which is stocked by leading marine electronics distributors globally. Operating from our manufacturing and administration facilities in Southampton, UK Iris have been leading this niche market sector since 2002.

In our 10th anniversary year, Iris are expanding and bucking the global downturn, we have doubled both our floor space and workforce since 2010 and have close, long term OEM relationships with several of the largest marine electronics manufacturers in the world.

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