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Iris have alway prided ourselves on our ability to listen, adjust and react to customers feedback and dealer request. This is the reason we are now pleased to introduce to you the all new IRIS Endorsed range of marine cameras.

IRIS have been in business, manufacturing specialist marine cameras since 2002 and in through that time we have noticed a much wider acceptance of cameras as a mainstream accessory onboard a huge array of various boats.

Until now, IRIS have always kept control of the manufacturing process very close to us and we have always either completely manufactured our products in house, or worked with a manufacturing partner to our exacting design and requirements. Now however, we feel it is the right time to widen our product range even further by launching the new Endorsed range.

These are cameras, or other related products that we might not necessarily of manufactured in house, but products that we have thoroughly tested, from trusted cctv manufacturers who we know and trust.

By launching these new products, we are able to fill a void where clients may not wish to, or be able to afford the top quality products that come directly from the IRIS factory.

Obviously, we still feel our products are superior, in design, performance and durability, but these new endorsed products would certainly work well as a lower entry price point alternative.