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For situations where you have more camera feeds than your monitor or chart-plotter can handle, or if you need to see multiple images on a single screen, Iris produce a range of low cost video switchers, each supplied with a small, discreet, waterproof keypad for external operation…


6 Channel / 2 Output Switcher

If you have more camera feeds than video inputs on your chart plotter, dedicated screen or TV, youʼre going to need a video switcher. But the last thing you want on board is an ugly metal box and a mess of wires cluttering up your helm.

To solve this problem Iris have designed a range of video switchers that can be installed well out of the way and controlled using an extremely small and good looking, waterproof keypad.

The IRIS606 switcher connects up to 6 cameras, and features 2 outputs. Controlled using the KBD06 Keypad (supplied), cameras can be selected one at a time, or set on a timed sequence.

Additional keypads can be added to allow switching from multiple locations on board such as upper and lower helm or the crew cabin.

The keypad measures a mere 7cm² and is UV stabilised. Our switchers have been designed exclusively for the boating market and thereʼs nothing else like them!

IRIS560 Keypad (Supplied)

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Video Quad Switcher

If you want to display multiple images at once on your screen then youʼre going to need a Quad Switcher. With 4 camera inputs, 2 outputs and featuring the same control method as the IRIS604, our

The IRIS604 Quad Switcher gets stowed away, well out of view, and is controlled using the KBD04 keypad (supplied), which is waterproof, UV stabilised and only measures 7cm². Multiple keypads can be added during installation to increase control options.

The IRIS604 can display individual camera inputs, all 4 cameras in a quad formation and picture-in-picture presets. Images can be frozen on screen and output to a recorder, and you can also pan around the image using the keypad controller.

Predominantly designed as a component of a multicamera docking system, the feature rich IRIS604 can also be used as a vital component of any on board security system.

IRIS540 Keypad (Supplied)

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