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Installing camera equipment on board requires certain specialist tools such as BNC and RJ45 crimp tools which installers may not have in their toolbag.

In addition to the specialist tools, having the right test equipment to hand can save time, money and heartache, both during the installation and in fault finding and issues that may arise. CCTV testers are also extremely useful when demonstrating camera lens angles and positions before installation.


Portable Battery Powered CCTV Tester

This great little tool packs loads of extremely useful features into a handheld and lightweight form factor making it an essential piece of equipment in the installers arsenal.

The testers built in batteries are charged from a mains PSU (supplied) and once charged the unit will operate in excess of 8 hours. It also features a 12VDC power output (800mA max capacity) so you can use the tester to drive devices under test. This alone is a killer feature for testing suspect power supplies or cabling on board.

Plug your cameras video input into the tester and you can immediately check video quality. The unit is PAL / NTSC auto-sensing, and this information is overlaid onto the screen so you can see straight away if there is a format miss-match. Video signal levels can also be displayed allowing the installer to check the cameras output at source and over cable runs to check for signal loss.

For Pan Tilt Zoom devices, the tester features a telemetry control connector allowing you to plug in your RS485/232 or TTL data lines and drive the camera from the tester. Simply set the desired address and protocol settings and you’re away.

Amongst the testers other countless features, are a built in digital volt meter (DVM), colour bar generator and CAT5/RJ45 tester.

The IRIS996 is not only great for checking your work and vital in the fault finding process, but its also a great tool for demonstrating cameras position and field of view to customers prior to install.

The IRIS996. A fantastic piece of kit for generating sales, installation and fault finding.


Hand Held CCTV Tester (Analogue)

  • Portable & Lightweight
  • 8 Hours Battery Operation Between Charges
  • 3″ Full Colour Screen
  • PAL / NTSC Auto-sensing
  • Composite Video Input & Output
  • Colour Bar Generator for testing monitors and cable integrity
  • RS485, RS232 & TTL connections for Telemetry Control
  • 12VDC Power Output
  • Built in Sunshield
  • CAT5 / RJ45 Tester
  • Built in Digital Volt Meter (DVM)
  • Supplied with PSU & Carry Case

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