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Low Light Controllable Camera

Iris’s IRIS116 is a low cost compact controllable camera designed specifically for marine use and delivers excellent quality video with superb low light performance.

  • Hi Resolution Video 550TVL Sony FCB-EX985 Camera
  • True Day / Night Operation with Mechanical Filter
  • Wide Dynamic Range & Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Excellent Low Light Performance
  • Small, Compact & Stylish Housing
  • Easy to Install, Waterproof with Shock & Vibe Certification

Housed in a compact, resistance free UV stabilised housing, the 116 uses a high end Sony FCB-EX985 camera module which boasts complex wide dynamic range processing and digital noise reduction. In low light condition the camera’s automatic gain controls work hard to deliver usable footage in 0.04lux. The IRIS116 is available as standard with a powerful 28x optical zoom with a 36x optical zoom option. Both cameras also feature 12x digital zoom.

The housing itself measures only 16cm high and has a base diameter of 17cm. The camera can be mounted in either a ‘desk-top’ or hanging orientation and the video can be flipped accordingly. When tilting the camera, as it reaches its azimuth point it performs an ‘auto-flip’ to ensure orientation is correct. The 116 pans continuously through 360˚ and features proportional gearing control to slow movement to a manageable level depending on the cameras zoom position.

  • Extremely Compact Housing Measures 16cm High by 13cm in Diameter
  • Waterproof to IP66
  • 360 degree Continuous Pan/Tilt -15degree ~ 90degree with Auto Flip
  • Operates in Extremely Low Light – 0.01 Lux (Day / Night Operation)
  • 8x (Standard) or 36x Optical Zoom / 12 x Digital Zoom
  • 28x (Standard) or 36x Optical Zoom / 12 x Digital Zoom
  • Full Weather Proof / Anti Corrosion / Anti Vibration
  • Multi-Protocol Telemetry Control
  • Cruise, Auto Scan, Pattern Scan
  • High Precision Positioning / Stable PTZ
  • 100 User definable Preset Memory Positions
  • Up to 40 Preset Positions can be used for Auto Cruise Function
  • Compatible with IM-DVR-04P / IM-DVR-08P for Remote PTZ Control
  • Extremely Simple Operation

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