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Flush Mount Day / Night Micro Dome Camera

No Longer in Production

The IRIS055 is a truly stylish camera which blends in beautifully with the graceful lines of aft radar arches, overhead cockpits and freeboards. Measuring a mere 82mm diameter it is easy to overlook the camera and mistake it for a flush mount light fitting.

The camera technology is the same high end spec as the IRIS060 and also features its own ring of self illuminating IR lights, allowing the camera to operate in zero light conditions (picture defaults to monochrome). And now, the IRIS055 benefits from an improved 700TVL resolution.

The “55” also has the extra option of being specified with a 45 degree flush mounting “wedge” which transforms the characteristics of the camera from being a recessed downwards facing camera to offering the potential for opening the scope of opportunities to include peripheral observation to its repertoire.

With an ultra-low power requirement and compatibility with all major chart plotters, the IRIS055 is a great all round on board camera for a multitude of applications.

NOTE: This product is no longer available

  • High Chrome Finish
  • Solid & Stylish Housing
  • 3 Axis Gimble Bracket to Cover All Angles
  • Available in Forward or Mirror Image Option
  • 700TVL Resolution
  • Built In Infra Red LED Illumination – Up to 10 Meter IR Range
  • Wedge Bracket to Increase Mounting Options
  • Available in PAL & NTSC Video Systems
  • Low Power

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