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The ʻBig Brotherʼ to the IRIS060 mini-dome camera, the IRIS080 is a serious, extremely robust camera option, especially suitable for larger vessels, or in situations where a larger infra-red range is required.

With an easy-to-install and adjust cup-and-ball style housing the IRIS080 can be mounted in any position and the zoom and focus be manually adjusted from 2.9 to 9mm using adjusting screws on the body of the camera. The 36 infra red LEDʼs provide up to 30 meters visibility in pitch black conditions and a mechanical filter switches the camera from colour to monochrome automatically to increase low light resolution.

Available in PAL or NTSC configuration, and as a standard view or switchable mirror image option.

  • Rugged Construction
  • Manually Adjustable Varifocal Zoom & Focus
  • Zoom Range: 2.9mm ~ 9mm
  • High Resolution 960H Resolution Camera
  • Wide Dynamic Range Image Processing
  • OSD with Menu Navigation for full extended configuration settings
  • Over 30 meters Infra Red Range
  • Standard View / Mirror Image – Switchable via OSD Interface
  • Available in PAL / NTSC Formats