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The IRIS316 range of cameras offer industry leading video resolution and a highly advanced feature set in the smallest Pan Tilt housing unit available, measuring only 13cm in diameter by 16cm high.

Fitted with a fixed 25mm lens, digital image stabilisation and boasting the highest zoom ratio available for a marine thermal camera of it’s class, the new VGA range deliver a massive detection range of 2370m with a recognition range of nearly 800 meters.

The IRIS316 VGA Range Delivers Extremely Sharp Thermal Video Imaging in Absolute Darkness.

Available in Low (7.5Hz NTSC / 9Hz PAL) or High (30Hz NTSC / 25Hz PAL) refresh rates.

Part Numbers: IRIS316L where ‘L’ denotes low refresh rate (7.5Hz NTSC, 8.3Hz PAL) and ‘H’ denotes high refresh rate (25Hz PAL, 30Hz NTSC).

Fitted with a high resolution uncooled Amorphous Silicone camera engine, the IRIS316 boasts 5 built in viewing modes to suit environmental conditions, continuous digital zoom and a built in Man Over Board system.

The IRIS316 Thermal Camera gives you the power to see in complete darkness and through adverse weather and is the perfect addition to your on board safety and security systems.

  • 5 ‘Scene Modes’ for optimised viewing in Marina Mode, Fog Mode, Man Over Board Mode, Day Mode and Night Mode.
  • 9 Reversible Colour Palettes (18 in total)
  • Positional Indicator
  • Continuous Digital Zoom
  • Continuous Panning through 360˚
  • 105˚Tilt with Autoflip (210˚ Tilt in total)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Horizontal and Vertical Image Flip
  • Wide Operating Rang 8 ~ 36 VDC Operation
  • IP66 Environmental Rating.
  • IEC 60945 MIL STD 810E Shock & Vibration Certified
  • MIL STD 810E Sand & Dust Certified

Detection / Recognition Details for Thermal Module:

  • Athermalized Focus: 19mm f1.1 16˚x12˚
  • Human Object: Detect @ 1000m / Recognise @ 200m
  • Vehicle Object: Detect @ 2380m / Recognise @ 500m

Cable extension packs are availble consisting of a special CAT5 cable with additional power cores, an additional pair of baluns and the necessary connectors and adapters. Part Number is: 295-EXT-XX, where XX is the desired cable length in multiples of 5ft (ie, a 15 foot extension cable kit has the following part number: 295-EXT-15).

For full technical Specifications download the NightRunner brochure from the Download tab.

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