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Leisure Marine

From Ribs to Mega Yachts, Iris offer a range of on-board cameras, recorders, switchers and monitors to meet your requirements. Iris provide cameras for docking, back-up, engine room monitoring, situation awareness, safety and security.

Sports Fishing

Perfect as Out-Rigger Cameras, or available with rail and surface mount brackets. Sleek, Compact Hi-Definition IP Cameras for recording your catches and tag&release moments. Plug’n’Play with PoE Connectivity, Iris Sports Fishing cameras capture footage in crystal clear, high definition and record them to rugged and reliable, anti-vibration recorders.

Commercial Marine

Iris’s New range of Commercial Marine Cameras, Recorders and Ancillary Equipment offers the highest standards in ruggedised, high-end waterproof cameras. Our range includes, High Resolution Analogue, Network IP and Explosion Proof Cameras, Recorders, Matrix Switchers and everything else needed to build a systems thats right for you and endures the riggers of the commercial marine environment.

First Response Vessels

Iris offer the highest quality camera equipment for every aspect of off-shore work, including law enforcement, coast-guard and patrol vessels, military and unmanned autonomous vessels. Whatever your requirement, we have the camera either already in our range, or the capability to produce bespoke solutions.