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Stylish, Discreet and Built to Last

A range of products designed to deliver on board monitoring solutions for Safety, Security & Situational Awareness

Static Cameras

Whether monitoring engine rooms, companion ways, decks or who’s coming or going along the passerelle, Iris have a camera to meet your requirements. Iris Static cameras are designed to be as compact and unobtrusive as possible so they don’t interfere with the aesthetic of your boat. Perfect also for use as back-up or docking cameras.

Controllable Cameras

A range of remotely controlled, pan, tilt and zoom cameras available in a number of different mounting styles to provide a sleek way to monitor activity on board, in your engine room or out to sea. Our PTZ camera models boast a variety of optical and digital zoom ranges, full 360˚ continuous rotation, user-definable pre-set memory positions and much more…

Thermal Night Vision

Your time on the water should not be defined by the time of day. Iris’s range of night vision scopes and cameras are feature rich and competitively priced, bringing essential state  of the art technology into the realms of affordability. Iris’s Thermal Imaging products let you clearly in the dead of night, meaning you can safely navigate around the clock.

Hi-Def Network (IP) Cameras

Iris IP cameras have been built and tested to handle the harsh marine environment, and conform to Onvif standards. We offer a range of different types of camera housings to suit you needs above and below the water-line! Featuring clean and simple user interfaces, plug and play PoE operation and compatibility with our new 8xx series of Hybrid Digital Video Recorders…

Through Hull Cameras

Available in four different models, Iris’s Barracuda Through Hull cameras provide stunning underwater footage that can be viewed on your chart plotter, Hi-Def screen, smart phone, tablet or computer.

All Barracuda cameras are designed to be simple and easy to install and set up.

Video Switching

Iris are the only manufacturers of a comprehensive range of water resistant video switchers and quad units to suit your requirements when you need a multi-camera system. Available in 6 and 8 channel Switch Only and 4 channel Quad models. Supplied with 1 keypad per unit and now featuring 2 built in keypad ports.

Digital Video Recording

Iris’s 800 series Digital Video Recorders are available in four models; four channel, 8 channel and 16 channel models and now, our new IP/Analogue Hybrid model. All four recorders are also fully functional embedded web servers, which means with an IRIS800 series DVR, you can keep an eye on your boat, view recordings and control PTZ cameras remotely from a laptop, computer, smart-phone or tablet. Iris DVR’s feature anti-vibration shock resistant hard drives.

Ancillary Products

From camera power, data and video multiplex transceivers, cables, PoE injectors and serial data distributors to tools, brackets, testers and connectors. Iris offer a full range of ancillary products providing a one stop shot when designing and sourcing your on board camera system.