Fire, Search & Rescue

Fire, Search & Rescue Cameras

Iris have significant experience working in the Police, Fire, Search & Rescue sector supplying numerous agencies around the world. From high specification thermal imaging cameras to basic but robust visible spectrum cameras, Iris can provide solutions for vehicular applications as well as covert monitoring and rapid deployment scenarios.

As Iris products are designed to work across a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions they are perfectly suited for installation onto fire trucks, police launches and many more types of first responder vehicles.

As well as providing rugged camera solutions Iris also provides control interfaces appropriate to the application, with a range of waterproof panel mount controllers and HMI solutions. We can also customise solutions to suit your specific application.

Our hardware and software is designed to cope with the often volatile power infrastructures found on trucks, boats and other vehicles, which reduces time to live delays, accommodates power fluctuations and works across a very broad temperature range.