New TE1 Rotary Encoder with Touch Screen

New TE1 Rotary Encoder with Touch Screen

Iris Innovations announce the launch of a new, multi-functional, rotary encoder controller with built in touch screen to provide smooth, intuitive control of your on board cameras, switchers and recorders, unveiled at the 2019 NMEA Conference, Portsmouth, Norfolk VA.

The TE1 supports all the features offered by Iris’s NightRunner and Sentinel camera ranges and can also be used in conjunction with our new Hybrid recorder range to switch camera inputs displayed on your screen or MFD.

The controllers build in touch screen display is used to present multiple control options such as thermal palette and image enhancement selection, user preset selection, set and recall home position and much more including pan, tilt and zoom control.

The TE1 really comes into its own when used in conjunction with compatible MFD’s such as Garmins 8000 series chart plotters supporting USB touch output. Use your MFD to drive the cameras pan and tilt movement, and combine with the TE1 to access all the cameras other extended features.

Small, stylish and robust, the TE1 is IP67 waterproof and features a backlit display and installation is extremely simple. The TE1 with its polished marine grade stainless bezel will compliment the look of your helm whilst providing a clear  and smooth user experience.