New x36 Range of Fixed Micro Dome

New x36 Range of Fixed Micro Dome

Marine Camera Specialists, IRIS INNOVATIONS, announce the roll-out of 3 cross-format versions of their popular IRIS036 micro dome camera, delivering hi-resolution analogue, real-time digital hi-definition video and network IP formats designed to offer the most comprehensive interfacing options available to boat owners.

Nowadays we all have access to high definition video when and where ever we need it. From streaming movies and social media on our phones to accessing full HD movies whilst on the move, people expect the highest quality video available.

When it comes to specifying on board cameras and security surveillance systems, customers have always been restricted by the video interfaces offered by their MFD’s, which are invariably used as the primary monitoring solution by 99% of boat owners. When designing their next generation MFD’s, leading manufacturers such as Raymarine, Garmin and Navico have a plethora of functions and features to consider before even thinking about on board cameras, which is probably why, for so long, customers have been stuck with traditional composite analogue video. Finally, as manufacturers launch their new generations of chart-plotter and multi-functional displays, with the proliferation of hi-def video everywhere you look, digital inputs are beginning to appear, which in turn means leading camera manufacturer Iris innovations, can begin to roll out a new generation in high definition cameras, massively improving on the video quality found in the now ageing analogue formats.

Iris have been pushing the resolution of their analogue cameras over the recent years to pretty much as far as they’ll go, with 1000TVL resolutions in many of their cameras.

We launched the first of our IP cameras over four years ago, mindful of the fact MFD manufacturers had not yet adopted the technology further than building in compatibility to a very small number of, quite frankly unsuitable, ‘warehouse style’ IP cameras, and locking their interfaces down to prevent third party integration. In addition to this, IP cameras were prone to network latency and IP lag issues. With advances in IP encoder and MFD processor speeds, IP cameras are now a fully legitimate proposition. The ability to network video around an ethernet infrastructure significantly reduces installation costs and the increased video definition speaks for itself.

With the recent release of the IRIS460, an IP version of Iris’s best selling 066 mini-dome camera, last month Iris also rolled out their IRIS485 and IRIS490 stainless steel workboat IP camera models, and today announce the launch of a newly styled, IP version of their popular IRIS036 Stainless Steel dome camera. The IRIS436 is built around the same IP camera core as the IRIS460, built into a tiny, marine grade stainless steel housing, complete with a high polish finish. The IRIS436 looks incredible and will be at home on any vessel, be it a luxury mega yacht or a workboat. Compatible with Raymarine plotters (running Lighthouse 2 and 3 software, as well as the new Axiom range), the IRIS436 is available as standard with a +12VDC power connection, with a PoE version available shortly as an option.

As well as the IRIS436, the micro dome is available in high resolution analogue format (IRIS036) and also as part of our iHD range of High Definition cameras, offering broadcast quality video in real time and compatible with any chartplotter with a digital input, such as HDMI, DVI and HD-SDI.

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About Iris…
Iris Innovations has specialised in marine camera systems for nearly 15 years.  From the Iris001 —the industry’s first specialised docking camera launched in 2001 to today’s latest innovations —Iris has earned a reputation for pioneering new technology.  Based in the United Kingdom, in 2013 Iris expanded its U.S. headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to better meet growing demand in the North American yachting market.