IRIS-TE1 Waterproof Touch / Rotary Encoder

TE1 525×525 web

IRIS-TE1 Waterproof Touch / Rotary Encoder

IRIS-TE1 Waterproof Touch / Rotary Encoder

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Rotary Encoder with Touch Screen Control

Iris’s new TE1 Rotary Controller with touch-screen allows you to access and control the extended functions of your Iris Cameras and Video switchers in a robust and stylish form

A full colour touchscreen is used to select and present camera functions as well as perform camera selection when used with an Iris recorder or switcher.

The TE1 is perfect for augmenting pan and tilt control of your Iris camera via a supported MFD. Use your chart plotter touch screen to drive the camera and the TE1 to select and control extended features such as thermal colour palettes, zoom control, image contrast enhancement, preset and home position selection and much more.

The TE1 is easy to install and build into a marine grade 316 stainless steel bezel. With an IP67 rating, the TE1 can be used both internally and externally.