CMAC Camera & Alarm Management System

  • Fully Integrated Camera and Alarm Control & Management System for Boats
  • Upload Your Own Deck Plans & Photos and Drag & Drop Camera & Alarm Icons to Select & Control
  • Garmin OneHelm™ Integration with our New IrisControl™ App
  • Control and Switch Your Cameras from Your Garmin MFD
  • Configure Your Boat Alarm System, Control Individual and Group Alarms
  • Razor Sharp, Scaled Control via IrisControl’s virtual Joystick
  • Full Screen Touch Control with Garmin’s USB Touch (on available models)
  • Firmware Upgradable to Unlock New Features As & When Available
  • Available in Hybrid (Analogue, IP, AHD, TVI / CVI) & IP Only Versions


You’re in Control…

CMAC™ is a new feature rich command, management and control system for your on-board cameras and alarms. Upload your deck plans, set up your on board cameras and alarms and control everything from your chart-plotter with the Iris Control App.

Compatible with analogue, IP and HD-TVI cameras and our new Osiris Alarm system, CMAC™ also supports remote P2P access which means you can even view and control your system whilst you’re away from the boat.

Multiple Camera Formats

CMAC systems are available in Hybrid or IP only formats.. Hybrid models accept analogue, AHD (HD-TVI / HD-CVI) and IP formats. By supporting multiple formats, not only does CMAC offer maximum compatibility, but it also future proofs your system should you decide to upgrade your cameras.

High Definition Digital Output

CMAC systems feature a high definition HDMI digital video output to provide the very best live, high quality footage on compatible chart-plotters, TVs and dedicated monitors. CMAC can also be used with standard definition devices with any HDMI to Composite Video convertor.

IRIS Control HTML5 App

Manage and control your on-board cameras and alarms via our new Iris Control HTML5 App. Upload your deck plans and photos, drag and drop dedicated camera and alarm icons and you now have the most feature rich and intuitive marine security and surveillance system in the world. Navigate through your deck plans and select camera icons to switch video inputs, control PTZ cameras via the ultra-responsive virtual joystick, configure and select camera tours and scans, activate thermal colour palettes, gyro control and much much, more! Iris Control frees up helm space by removing the need for additional control hardware and joysticks.

USB Touch Control

In addition to control over your compatible MFD network, CMAC features a USB touch control interface. This means chart plotters with USB touch outputs, such as Garmin’s 8000 series can be used to drive your PTZ cameras with pin-point accuracy.

WiFi / Remote P2P Connectivity

Connect CMAC to your on board WiFi router and view your cameras from around your boat on your smart phone, tablet or computer. Perfect for keeping an eye on what’s happening above from below deck! CMAC can also be accessed remotely via P2P connectivity if you have internet access.

Integrated Network Video Recorder

CMACs built in recorder is fully configurable to maximise storage time, adjust resolutions and frame rates, set video motion detection and much more. Standard CMAC units support 1 x HDD drive bay (4TB capacity).

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    CMAC Product Brochure


    CMAC Installation and Operation Guide


    CMAC-N16 (IP Camera Version) Mini-Brochure