IrisControl HTML5 Application

  • Fully Integrated Camera and Alarm Control & Management Interface
  • Upload Your Own Deck Plans & Photos and Drag & Drop Camera & Alarm Icons to Select & Control
  • Garmin OneHelmâ„¢ Integration
  • Control and Switch Your Cameras
  • Configure Your Boat Alarm System, Control Individual and Group Alarms
  • Razor Sharp, Scaled Control via IrisControl’s virtual Joystick
  • Firmware Upgradable to Unlock New Features As & When Available


IRIS Control HTML5 App

Manage and control your on-board cameras and alarms via our new Iris Control HTML5 App. Upload your deck plans and photos, drag and drop dedicated camera and alarm icons and you now have the most feature rich and intuitive marine security and surveillance system in the world. Navigate through your deck plans and select camera icons to switch video inputs, control PTZ cameras via the ultra-responsive virtual joystick, configure and select camera tours and scans, activate thermal colour palettes, gyro control and much much, more! Iris Control frees up helm space by removing the need for additional control hardware and joysticks.

IrisControl is the only App of its type in the world, developed especially for boat owners, operators and crew and has been designed to run on chartplotter HTML5 platforms such as Garmin’s award winning OneHelm program.

IrisControl is hosted on our CMAC range of onboard management and recording units and interface modules.

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