IRIS066 Mini Eye Ball Dome Camera

  • Switchable Video Formats – Analogue (CVBS), Hi-Def Analogue (TVI/CVI/AHD)
  • IP66 Environmental Protection
  • Built in Menu System
  • Built In Infra Red Illumination
  • Low Power / Low Consumption
  • Extremely Small, Compact Design
  • Great All-Round Performance
  • Excellent Value for Money!


Iris’s best selling range of miniature marine dome cameras launched originally in 2006 are one of the most versatile on-board camera options on the market, available in analogue, high definition analogue (HD-TVI / HD-CVI / AHD) and IP formats.

The IRIS066 model features a 4-in-1 video output camera module which can be selected between analogue (CVBS), HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD. Analogue Hi-Def formats (such as HD-TVI) produce 1080P quality high definition video in real-time and aren’t susceptible to network latency delays. When configured to HD-TVI, the IRIS066 can be used in conjunction with Iris’s Hybrid recorders and Quad switchers to provide an HDMI feed, compatible with plotters such as Simrads NSO and Garmins 8000 series MFDs. In standard analogue (CVBS) mode, the cameras produce a high-resolution video signal compatible with all chart plotters that feature composite video inputs.

Measuring only 60mm in diameter and 58mm high and able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and environmental conditions, the camera is perfect as a back-up camera, for engine room monitoring, as a docking camera and for the cockpit and companionway monitoring. In fact, IRIS066 cameras can be used for pretty much any onboard surveillance and monitoring application. The camera also features an array of infrared LED’s to facilitate viewing at night with a range of around 10 meters.

Supplied as standard with a 3.6mm lens (80˚HFOV) and available with a 2.5mm (110˚) option.

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    IRIS066 Installation & Operation Guide


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