IRIS-s390 Single Payload Thermal Camera

  • 640×512 Resolution with 25mm Lens
  • ICE™ Image Contrast Enhancement Feature
  • 10 Colour Palettes
  • Thermal Sensitivity <50mK
  • 17µ Pixel Pitch
  • Fast, Smooth Pan Tilt Control with Gyro Option
  • New Rugged Metal Housing, Anodised & Powder Coated
  • Analogue Video Output – Compatible with all MFD’s supporting Composite Video


Iris Sentinel cameras are available in a number of different formats depending on you requirement and budget, and are built to withstand the toughest of environments.

Featuring a wealth of new features to give you added confidence when navigating in total darkness, Sentinel cameras are widely used by fishermen, boat-owners, emergency services and law enforcement agencies alike.

The new line up of Sentinel cameras has been conceived to suite a multitude of applications and scenarios. Sentinel Thermal cameras work as well during the day as they do at night and are especially good for detecting people and other objects otherwise missed by radar in the water. Sentinel High Definition IP cameras deliver super-sharp video, even in low light, and the New Sentinel C Colour Thermal Models use the very latest in digital video processing technology to blend thermal ‘hot spot’ video over the top of a high resolution colour camera to enable the operator to discriminate between objects in all conditions. Sentinel C cameras also feature our New ICE+™ image enhancement technology to draw defined edges around objects making them easy to pick out in low thermal contrast scenes. To compliment Sentinels standard wealth of features, each camera is also available with a tilt axis gyro stabilised option to compensate for vessel movement.

Sentinel cameras feature rugged aluminium housings which are anodised and powder coated to provide excellent protection against corrosion. Scaled pan and tilt control is employed for precise positioning and movement is super smooth. All cameras feature built in environmental management to prevent overheating, condensation and freezing up.

Thermal imaging models feature multiple colour palettes, ICE™ & ICE+™ Image Contrast Enhancement,

The IRIS-S390 is a single sensor device featuring 640×512 resolution with a 25mm lens and offers ICE™ Image Contrast Enhancement, 17µ pixel pitch, a thermal sensitivity of less than 50mK and 10 selectable colour palettes.

Tilt Axis Gyro Stabilisation is also available as an option to maintain your true heading whilst underway in heavy waters (Part Number: IRIS-S390-G).

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    Sentinel Installation and Operation Manual


    Sentinel Fixing Template


    Sentinel Range Data Sheet


    Sentinel Dimension Drawing