VDA0104 Video Distribution Amplifier

  • Single Composite Video (1VP~P / 75Ω) Input
  • 4 Composite Video Outputs
  • 12VDC or 24VAC Operation – Very low power
  • Boosts Video to 1VP~P
  • Easy ‘Plug & Play’ Installation
  • Very Small and Compact Housing
  • LED indicator


The IM-VDA-0104 is an extremely compact Video Amplifier that boosts/attenuates a single composite video signal to a 1-volt peak to peak level and distributes the signal through 4 outputs.

This makes it an ideal addition to your onboard setup where video signal levels drop across long cable runs or where the signal needs to be fed into multiple screens.

The VDA0104 has a small footprint and features fixing slots moulded into its housing making installation quick and simple.

Video connectors (inout and outputs) are standard composite video female BNC type and the unit can be powered from a 12VDC or 24VAC input.

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